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We need help to expand our training courses.
If you would like to support, the are several options.Donate

Not For Sale provides training to about 40 to 60 participants each year. We would like at least half of them to follow one or more advanced courses. The basic training costs around €545 per person. For the tuition, coaching and examination of each advanced course we need about €2000 per participant.
The foundation is working on expanding the training options and we need support to do this.
Not For Sale does not receive subsidy from the government. It receives revenue from its social enterprises but the foundation for now still depends on funds and private donations.
Sponsor a trainee and enable their education. Or make a change with a small donation: with €6 each month you help a trainee get to their apprenticeship by public transport.

Become a friend of Not For Sale and donate an amount monthly.

Do you want to be involved with the expansion of our work and do you want to help build a world in which nobody is for sale? Become a friend of Not For Sale and work on the restoration of dignity and providing a future prospect to our participants.

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What do we need?

€2.000 per participant for each advanced course

€545 per participant for the basic training

€6,- per training participant per month for travel costs

€60,- per participant for professional work shoes

€50,- per month for travel cost of a working participant

€100,- per participant for a bike

€35,- per participant for a personalised apron

€250,- for a laptop


Personal Info

Visit Dignita

At the Dignita-restaurants products are sold that are partly made by our trainees. The full profit of these social enterprises flows back to the foundation and is used to fund the training program. Visit our restaurants to enjoy delicious all-day brunch. There you can also buy Dignita gift vouchers.

For companies

Become a partner

Do the activities of Not For Sale Netherlands appeal to you or your company and are you considering becoming a partner? Please contact us to talk about what we can do for each other. Reach out to us if you are interested in having a presentation by Not For Sale to inform yourself or your employees about our work.

Sponsorship in kind

Would you rather sponsor us in kind? That is much appreciated! Contact us to hear more about what we currently need for our trainings and trainees. You could for example donate a (second-hand) bike which allows trainees to move around easier and more independent.