I am not for sale,

You are not for sale,

Nobody should be for sale

Not For Sale Netherlands helps people who come from a vulnerable situation to get a new perspective on the future by offering different training programs. The training programs are organised through the Dignita Academy and our social enterprises Dignita & FAIR.

Our strategy

By setting up social enterprises (4 brunch restaurants and an administration office) we finance our foundation and we can create internships and work places for participants in our training program


Social and self-sustainable enterprises


Education, work experience and personalised support within the Dignita Academy

Joining hands with

Relevant partnerships within the business community to realize opportunities for internships or paid workplaces

The cause

Not For Sale helps people who are in a vulnerable situation. A vulnerable situation can lead to exploitation.

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In February 2023 we opened our first restaurant outside of Amsterdam: Dignita in The Hague. Come and visit us at the Prins Hendrikstraat 105!

The social enterprises

Our social enterprise Dignita Amsterdam consist of three restaurant with an ‘all day brunch’ concept. In August 2015 we opened our first location Dignita Vondelpark. Our second location, Dignita Hoftuin, next to the Hermitage Museum opened in April 2017 and in Spring of 2020 we started our third restaurant, Dignita Westerpark. In 2023 we opened our first restaurant outside of Amsterdam: Dignita Prins Hendrik, in The Hague. Guests can enjoy delicious brunch, cocktails and fresh juices while supporting Not For Sale Netherlands. 100% of the profit of the restaurant goes to the foundation.

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