Not For Sale Netherlands offers victims of human trafficking a new perspective on their future. Through its social enterprises it provides education and training to bridge the gap to the job market and society.

Our strategy

Not For Sale gives victims of human trafficking the prospect of a new and independent life by:


Social and self-sustainable
places to work.


Education, work experience and personalised support.

Joining hands with

Relevant business partners.

The case

Not For Sale helps victims of human trafficking. Human trafficking is the exploitation of human beings. It is a modern form of slavery: men, women and children are coerced into working or providing services.

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The social enterprises

Our social enterprise Dignita Amsterdam is a restaurant with an ‘all day brunch’ concept. In 2017 we opened our second location next to the Hermitage Museum.
Guests can now enjoy delicious brunch, cocktails and fresh juices in both the city centre and the south of Amsterdam.

Dignita Vondelpark

Dignita Hoftuin

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